Find Your Voice & Help The Voiceless Be Heard

In case you don’t know, I heart animals.

It’s why I’m the mom of 3 rescued felines and why I calmly catch and release spiders, flies and unidentifiable creepy crawlies loitering in my basement office.

giving back 1giving back 2

All animals, like people, have a purpose and a story to share. They have feelings to express.

What they don’t have are words.

All too often animals are abused, ignored, or given up on because they can’t verbally tell us what they think or how they feel. As a sensitive soul, I know that animals communicate a lot without speaking. They deserve to be heard and cared for too.

When you work with me, your investment in yourself and your business will flow back out to support these compassionate, healing creatures.

I’m committed to donating 10% of my yearly revenue to an organization close to my heart: Home For Life.

Home For Life (HFL) is a care-for-life sanctuary based in Wisconsin which takes in unadoptable, special needs animals and gives them a safe, loving home to live out their days in peace.

Through the sanctuary’s community outreach programs, some HFL animals also give back and pay it forward, sharing their love and empathy with at-risk youth, families affected by domestic violence, kids and adults impacted by cancer, and the elderly.

Home for Life’s outreach programs touch the lives of more than 1200 adults and 1000 children each year.

Giving back is part of my business plan because it feels right to use my gifts to support not only my clients but other causes and people as well. Let’s keep the flow going between giving and receiving so that we all benefit from our successes.

Check out this video to learn more about Home For Life and its Animal Outreach Programs. (Be sure to look for my special appearances between 5:55–8:00!)