Kind words from my lovely clients…

My original website, which I put together a few years ago, needed to be overhauled, re-written, and made more concise. Overall, I needed a better presentation of what my business offered to the public.

Kristina helped me reorganize and revamp my web pages with eloquently re-written copy that’s much more streamlined and professionally presented. I now have a concise explanation of what services I offer and details on how they can help someone to achieve the results they are looking for.

I am very happy with the work Kristina did and would not hesitate to use her again for any kind of writing revamping.

—Marilyn Kortendick, IL, The Body/Mind/Soul Connection

Before working with Kristina I lacked confidence in my marketing copy. I was always concerned that it wasn’t conveying my intended message. I also worried that I was being unclear or overlooking typos or errors in the copy, which would hurt my credibility and thus my income. Because of these things, I often delayed putting new content out there for my potential clients to see.

With Kristina’s help, I was able to share my marketing materials with confidence. And, the feedback that I’ve received has been great! In response to my last piece (which Kristina edited), a business colleague said, “I love the energy of your email and know exactly who to send your way!” I’ve been extremely happy working with Kristina and am pleased with my results.

—Evie Burke, Aurora, IL, One Insight Closer

I hired Kristina to proofread my new book, Learn to Organize. I wanted to have another set of eyes on the project before it went to the printer, and I was surprised at how many typos she caught. (And that was after at least a half dozen people had looked at it!) It always amazes me how many times we can edit things and still find little errors. She has eagle eyes, for sure! I am so impressed with her speed, accuracy, and professionalism. Hiring her was a valuable investment in my new book, and I would recommend her for any type of editing project.

—Sara Pedersen, Shoreview, MN, Time To Organize

Before I worked with Kristina, I was concerned with two main things: getting my point across without being wordy and having my copy flow naturally. I was anxious that I might lose my readers by fire hosing too much information at them. But I was also stuck on what to cut out so that my message was still clear.

Kristina was able to take my writing and make it flow with such ease and grace. She really understood me and what I was trying to express. This gave me such relief and peace of mind.

I am very happy that I decided to use Kristina’s skills for the benefit of my business. I will call her again for future projects, and I’d definitely highly recommend Kristina to others!

—Elda Dorothy, Compassionate Truth

As a business owner I have a personal expectation to present my written words well. To get things “just right” I would spend hours going in circles, writing, rewriting, and rewriting some more. Working with Kristina brought relief from this merry-go-round. Knowing she was going to review, edit and offer her valuable input on my free ebook and business forms allowed me to stop before I made myself crazy.

Kristina has a gift for offering valuable feedback and insights while always respecting your voice and perspective. I love her ability to make minor changes and clarifications that make a major impact on the message. I feel a greater sense of peace and confidence in my final work knowing that she has reviewed and edited these documents prior to publishing.

—Penny Hammond, Waseca, MN, Outta Space Organizing

Before I met Kristina I was spending so much time struggling to edit my own words. I felt very frustrated trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say in the ebooks I was creating. Kristina helped me clarify and polish my message. She truly has an amazing talent for organizing content and words. I was thrilled not only with my results, but also with how fast I got them. Kristina is super easy to work with and I highly recommend her to other small business owners who want help easing their own writing frustrations.

—Joceline Le, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Threelights Healing

Before working with Kristina, I was so immersed in writing my book that I often overwrote, failed to spot connotations I didn’t intend or want, and over-thought what I was doing right.

With Kristina’s gentle guidance, I gained some perspective and was able to let some things be so I could focus my energy and time on the real problems that were too close for me to see. Without her help, I would still be toiling over unnecessary edits and overlooking opportunities for meaningful revision.

Because of her empathetic nature, Kristina is truly gifted at taking a deeper look and gently helping people see what can be improved. She made me feel empowered and supported. Her encouragement allowed me to spot the missing pieces of my story and enhance my overall work. 

—Laura M., Eden Prairie, MN

Before I started working with Kristina, I was stressed out and in a total time crunch. I had a very small window of opportunity to edit my project, and this made me extremely nervous. Kristina was able to work with my schedule, provide constructive feedback, and help me understand how to be a better writer going forward. She gave me the tools I needed to finalize my work with confidence. Kristina is a very talented editor, and her assistance was invaluable to me. I am excited for a new opportunity to work with her.

—Nichole B., Minneapolis, MN

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