My guess is you’re a lot like me.

A heart-centered woman who started her own business, maybe even quit her “real” job to run it full time. You’ve got heaps of passion for what you do and an intense desire to help others in your own unique way.

No more following someone else’s path. You’ve got important things to do and a mighty mission to fulfill.

I may not know you (yet), but I do know that:

  • The healing, consulting, or creative work you do is AMAZING and seriously needed in today’s crazy-out-of-balance world
  • There are people here you’re meant to serve
  • You have loads of wisdom and you’re ready to share it

The thing is, when writing about your business, services, or products, the words elude you. Or they fall completely flat. They don’t quite match up with what’s in your head.

And this leaves you feeling less than confident in your website, and maybe even in yourself. We can’t have that!

Let’s work together to refine your message. The result? Marketing copy that makes your confidence soar and leaves prospects eager to work with you.


Kristina Fortune

Hi, I’m Kristina Fortune, a copywriter and editor with a passion for weaving words into inspiring copy that touches people’s hearts.

I help heart-centered, spiritually conscious women take the guesswork and stress out of writing marketing copy so they can simply focus on sharing their message with confidence.

Everything about the writing process makes my soul sing. Writing, editing, and organizing information are my innate strengths, my superpowers. I love writing so much that I spent a portion of my 4th grade summer vacation writing a report on arctic foxes….just for fun. Yep. Really.

On June 1st, 2012, I quit my corporate job as an associate editor to live life on my terms and build a career that aligned with my spirit. I put on my big-girl lady-preneur pants, launched my first business, and never looked back.

I’ve always been a sensitive soul, so it’s no surprise that I’m now a HUGE fan of holistic and alternative health and healing modalities. (In fact, many of my clients work in these fields.) I’m certified in Reiki 2, practice EFT, meditate daily, and am kind of obsessed with this amazing thing called the BioMat (affiliate link).

I’m also highly intuitive and empathic (aka, in tune with people’s unspoken emotional energy). I intentionally use these abilities when I write and edit copy for clients. I find it helps me go deeper and speak to people’s hearts (not just their heads), which leads to emotionally compelling (and thus, more effective) copy.

Learn how we can work together.

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Want to know more about my non-biz life? C’mon, you know you want to… Here are 11 Things You May Not Know About Me.


Official Bio

Kristina Fortune is a copywriter and editor by day, a personal-growth/spiritual junkie by night. She’s also a monthly Power Blogger for Plaid For Women, a blogging community where women can connect and #BeHeard.

With a background in journalism and editing, an MBA, and nearly 10 years of personal exploration into all things holistic and metaphysical, Kristina brings a special blend of knowledge and experience to her work with heart-centered holistic practitioners and creative entrepreneurs.

She specializes in crafting website copy that tugs at prospects’ hearts and inspires them into action. Whether her clients prefer a DIY approach or want 1:1 support, Kristina provides them with the strategic ideas, feedback, and copywriting knowledge they need to craft a more powerful and persuasive message.

Prior to running her copywriting business, Kristina spent 3.5 years as a professional organizer, clearing clutter from her clients’ homes, minds, and hearts. Though she no longer does hands-on organizing, she remains passionate about inspiring others to simplify their lives and let go of the things that no longer serve them.

When she’s not goofing off with her engineer husband or giving ridiculous amounts of praise to her stub-tailed cats, you’ll likely find her bundled up in blankets reading something published by Hay House. Check out her insights and tips on all things writing, marketing, business, and more at