Does your website copy need some TLC?


Kristina Fortune

Is your DIY approach not giving you the results you want?

If writing copy isn’t your thing, there’s no need to keep
struggling with it on your own.

I can help.

Hi, I’m Kristina.

I’m a copywriter and editor who believes in your work
and who speaks your language.

I will help you rework your website copy
so it draws in the right people, creates connection, and inspires visitors to take action.


Here’s how we can work together.


Tracy-JevningYou have been such a gift to help me get this done the way I visualized it! Thank you Kristina! You have been a lifesaver… a stress reducer!

—Tracy Jevning, Awaken Vibrance

 Marcy-Blue-cropped-jOh. My. Gosh. I read the edited version and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I totally see the pieces I was missing. You are SO Good! And went way beyond what I was expecting. Thank you! Thank you! You totally rock!

—Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Pink Paradigm & Coaching Toys

 Jen Kennedy One ThimbleThanks so very, very, very much! This is everything I hoped that it would be and so much more. Thank you for helping me find the words to tell my story. It is a wonderful gift you have.

—Jen Kennedy, One Thimble

 Thank you, Kristina! You are a joy to work with, and you saved me tons of headaches, trying to do things that feel foreign to me. It was a far better use of my time and energy to hire you to help!

—Ann Scarborough, Dynamic Journey Massage & Wellness

Fiona Bryant - Magpies & Mudpuddles [This is] perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing – it’s beautifully written and so me, thank you.

—Fiona Bryant, Magpies & Mudpuddles